Special Features

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my Special Features. This section is all about those unsung heroes of the Beeb days, be it that utility ROM that everyone had, or that game that kept you up into the early hours every morning, or that little bit of hardware that made Beeb life a lot easier all those years ago! Whatever it might have been, the passage of time has all but consigned it to history!

Well, here's a bit of recognition for some of these items: just click on the picture links below and learn about them all over again!

Master Series
ROM Cartridges
Master Series ROM Cartridges, those clever little ROM holders which allow you to chop and change your Master's ROMs without dismantling your Beeb!

Computer Concepts' Inter-Word, my favourite word-processor on any platform.

AcornSoft Titles
The software division of Acorn, called AcornSoft, was responsible for many early BBC micro titles, and here is a page on some of the ones I've collected over the years.

4 Mation Titles
Another famous software house from the days of yore.

Viglen Utilities Disc
A marvel in five-and-a-quarter inches, the Viglen Utilities Disc.

Midwich Winchester Disc
Something of a curiosity at first glance, Midwich's hard disc drive running under DFS is one of the most ingenious bits of 8-bit kit for Acorns.

Welcome Disc Account
A quick look at ViewSheet with the Accounts spreadsheet from the Master Welcome Disc.

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