My Hard Discs

The BBC micro is one of the few 8-bit computers to support hard discs. I have a number of working hard disc units, as well as other "mass-storage" devices and host adapter and controller boards. Please click on the picture links below to learn more:

Akhter Host Adapter

Syquest Drive

Acorn Winchester Disc

Technomatic Winchester Disc

Xebec Winchester Controller

Acorn Winchester Disc 130

Digital Services Digistore

Using Modern SCSI Drives

Akhter Winchester Disc

Akhter & Technomatic Winchesters

Byte-Back Compact Flash Drive

Using the Byte-Back CF Drive

Biscuit Winchester

Acorn World CF Drive

Torch SCSI Adapter

SCSI Mad Miniscribe

CF Converter



Syquest SQ5110

Syquest SQ5200

Using Syquest SQ5110

Using Syquest SQ5200


Flash Format

CF Backup

DFS Backup

CF-PC Transfer

PC-CF Transfer


Syquest 270MB Drive

Using Syquest 270MB Drive

Winnie Box

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