BeebMaster - Using the Byte-Back CF Drive

Using the Byte-Back
Compact Flash Drive

The interface used in the CF drive requires 512-byte sectors, which is a bit of a problem for Acorn ADFS which expects 256 byte sectors. As a result, a special version of ADFS is needed to, in effect, "throw away" half of all the data received from the drive when sectors are retrieved.

We'll see more of that later - but it's important to remember therefore that whatever the capacity of the flash card, only half of it can be used in the CF drive. More than that, there is a limit in ADFS of 512MB per disc volume. Each card in the CF drive is partitioned by the hardware into two drives, so the maximum amount of space per card is 1GB. To achieve this knowing that half of the space can't be used, we need a card of at least 2GB. Any less and we won't get the full 1GB out of the card which ADFS can address.

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