BeebMaster - Using the Byte-Back CF Drive

Using the Byte-Back
Compact Flash Drive

Normally, with non-mechanical mass storage devices, we don't have to concern ourselves with the physical geometry of the media: there aren't heads and cylinders with flash memory cards. We don't have to input this information into HDINIT in the same way that we would have to with Superform and a real Winnie.

However, the disc geometry is crucially important for using WFSInit to initialise a Level 3 Econet partition on a disc.

Firstly, WFSInit expects some geometry numbers, so we need to give it some geometry numbers. In the calculation above, I have shown that the numbers used come as close as possible to using up all the available space on the disc. This is important because the Econet partition will start from the first free sector on the disc, so any remaining space after the Econet partition will be "lost".

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