BeebMaster - Using the Byte-Back CF Drive

Using the Byte-Back
Compact Flash Drive

It's best to create a passwords file as the file server won't start unless it finds at least one passwords file on all the discs being mounted. It could be deleted at a later time if necessary.

The initialisation only takes a second - it can take quite a while for mechanical media, as it has to write the free space bitmap on each cylinder, but this takes no time at all with memory cards.

Note here that the size of the ADFS area of the disc is &7B9+&7 sectors, which equals the 1984 sectors that we set earlier as the number of sectors per cylinder.

The L3 structure requires that the Econet partition starts at the beginning of a cylinder, so the whole of cylinder 0, as WFSInit understands it to be, is given over to ADFS, the Econet starting at cylinder 1.

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