BeebMaster - Using the Byte-Back CF Drive

Using the Byte-Back
Compact Flash Drive

I said earlier that the Next drive setting is crucial. Here I have now initialised all four drives in the CF Drive as Econet partitions. In order to have them all available to the Level 3 file server at the same time, the file server needs to know which is the next drive when it mounts them. It looks at the setting of Next drive to determine this, so if this field is not filled in correctly then at best the file server may not mount all the discs and at worst, the file server will not start at all.

If "Next drive" is left blank, a zero will be coded into the field in the Econet partition on the disc. This is interpreted as drive 0 when the file server looks up the drive number of the next drive to mount, so if drive 0 is already mounted, the file server will not be able to start. The same problem occurs if the number specified in "next drive" is repeated more than once.

You will have seen that in each case I have used the next number which will make sure that the file server can mount all the discs in sequence.

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