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1st December 2023 An autumnal visit to London in November 2023 for the State Opening of Parliament.
8th September 2023 The first anniversary of the Accession of His Majesty King Charles III is also a time to remember the day we lost Our Platinum Queen, of Glorious and Indelible Memory, and today I am publishing my last remaining picture set from the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, at the 2019 Birthday Parade here as well as my visit to Kensington Palace during my time in London in September 2022 here.
21st April 2023 Today I remember Our Platinum Queen on what would have been Her late Majesty's 97th birthday, with new sets showing the Netherlands State Visit and the following month, Service of Remembrance from the Cenotaph in November 2018 and a night time visit to HM Tower of London, which you can see here.
22nd September 2022 My journey to London, to see The Queen, for the very last time.
15th September 2022
21st April 1926 - 8th September 2022
1st July 2022 My Platinum Jubilee pages are complete, showing all my activities at home and in London during the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend. I hope you will click here to see more.
6th February 2022 The most auspicious day our country has ever seen, as Our Gracious Queen achieves seventy years on the throne. It's never been done before in British history, and it's hardly been done before anywhere else either! Today I am starting my Platinum Jubilee Pages beginning with the installation of my new Platinum Jubilee Flagpole which is of course today flying my new 2-yard Union Flag.

Today's update also takes us to Chester in 2018, when I had the great privilege to see Her Most Noble Majesty The Queen and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, and also to get some updated pictures of the State Bentley. Please come back during 2022 for more Platinum Jubilee updates!
10th June 2021 Today a celebration of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh as seen through my camera lens over the last 22 years in my memorial tribute page, as well as a detailed look at the Birthday Gun Salute for His Royal Highness's 97th birthday.
21st April 2021 A little bit of cheer, perhaps, as we celebrate today the 95th Birthday of Her Most Excellent Majesty Our Gracious Queen. Have a look at my birthday update here.
9th April 2021
A day of mourning, sadness and quiet reflection as we remember the long and dutiful life of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who we lost today aged 991012. I put one of my favourite photographs of His Royal Highness, from the Royal Maundy Service in 2007, on my tribute homepage, which you can always see here.

1st January 2021 2020 was a diabolical year as I wasn't able to attend any Royal Occasions at all, for the first time since The Year Of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred And Ninety Four. Let's hope 2021 will set things straight, and we can start with a look back to one of my favourite Royal Visits, Her Majesty The Queen's Visit to Hull in November 2017.
1st May 2020 A detailed look at Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade June 2017 for today's anniversary update.
1st May 2019 Please take a look at my picture set from TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Visit to Manchester in October 2016.
19th May 2018
6pm update
Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Earl and Countess of Dumbarton, Baron and Lady Kilkeel! Have a look at a new picture set of my Flag Set and the homestead bedecking for the occasion here.
19th May 2018 A great day of national celebration today for the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Henry Wales to Miss Markle, and for the occasion I have finished the set for Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade.
1st May 2018 The 2018 BeebBirthday update brings you the first half of my extensive picture set direct from the Mall at Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade. Second half to follow very soon!
20th November 2017 I'd say a Platinum Wedding Anniversary is almost unheard of in the twenty-first century, so for Our Sovereign Lady and Consort to celebrate Seventy Years of Marriage today is really something special to celebrate. My Platinum Tribute page is permanently stored here and to mark the occasion, a new picture set from last year's Royal Visit to Liverpool and a new set from the same occasion of the Royal Train.
1st May 2017 For the Beeb birthday update, two new picture sets in my Royal Transport section, showing a visit in June 2013 to the Royal Mews and a set showing the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana.
6th February 2017 It's been termed, mainly by coin manufacturers, a Sapphire Jubilee, but 2017 isn't an official Jubilee year of course. Whatever we decide to call it, we can all agree that Her Majesty The Queen achieving 65 years on the throne is a miraculous milestone, which I'm celebrating with pictures from the Mexico State Visit just under two years ago.
21st April 2016 Today is more of a recognised international celebration than the occasion which warranted my previous update - the ninetieth birthday of Her Majesty The Queen, another milestone in the incredible life and reign of our Sovereign Lady. For today's update, pictures from my first State visit eighteen month ago here as well as a permanent placeholder for my tribute page.
6th February 2016 Whilst it may not have been noted as a major celebration, for me Accession Day 2016 is something very special. Last September Her Britannic Majesty became the longest-reigning Sovereign, surpassing Queen Victoria's reign of 63-and-a-bit years. Until yesterday Her Majesty had reigned for 63-and-a-bit-longer years, but today for the first time ever, a Royal Reign has reached Sixty-Four years, a number never before achieved. To mark this latest foothold in history, you can see my pictures from the Longest Reign Day last September here.
9th September 2015 Today is the most important day in the history of the British Empire as Our Glorious Sovereign Lady becomes the longest reigning Monarch in all our history. We start with 150 new pictures of last year's Queen's Birthday Parade and you can see my tribute page to today's colossal achievement here.
2nd May 2015 This morning's news is that we have a new Princess after Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth at 8.34am - take a look a my announcement page here!
1st January 2015 My January updates seem to be the only opportunity I can find for a bit of catch-up on previous events - in this case going back as far as November 2013 for the Royal Visit to the Co-Operative Headquarters and then to Easter 2014 for the Royal Maundy Service.

I've also re-organised the Monarchy home page, to make less cluttered, and added a whole new section on Royal Transport with new picture sets showing the State Bentley and Mighty 3.

2015 is going to be the most momentous year ever in our history come September when Her Britannic Majesty surpasses Queen Victoria as our longest-reigning Sovereign; come back regularly before then for more Monarchy updates, but do come back in September to see how I'm marking this year's incomparable milestone!
1st May 2014 Something of a catch-up for the BeebMaster birthday update, with pictures from May and June last year featuring His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex.
8th January 2014 For the first update of 2014, you can see my pictures from last year's Garter Day Procession.
22nd July 2013 This afternoon, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy. I sprang into action as soon as the happy news came and you can see my own announcement page of the joyous occasion here.
2nd June 2013 It's Coronation Day, and 60 years ago, Her Majesty The Queen was crowned at Westminster Abbey. The two-yard Diamond Jubilee Flag is flying at BeebMaster Towers, and for today's update, I've brought you pictures of some of my Royal watching activities so far from 2013: please take a look at my pages from Commonwealth Day, the Royal Visit to Temple Church and this year's State Opening of Parliament.

In case you missed it, I've made my Coronation Diamond Jubilee tribute homepage into a permanent exhibit which you can always find here.
1st December 2012 The Diamond Jubilee Year is drawing to a close, and already I'm formulating my plans to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee! 2012 has been a momentous year for Britain and the Commonwealth, and I wanted to end the year by using my final update of 2012 to bring you a look at the souvenirs and commemoratives of the Diamond Jubilee year which I have collected during 2012 - all in one place here.
1st July 2012 At last, you can see all my pictures from the Diamond Jubilee Central Weekend - there are 30 pictures of the BeebMaster Garden Party here, plus 273 pictures in my Diamond Jubilee Central Weekend site, made up of 45 images from the River Pageant, 68 pictures of the Concert and Beacon Lighting, 144 pictures from the Carriage Procession and 16 more of the Balcony Appearance.

Already, I'm planning for the Platinum Jubilee - just 9 years 11 months to go!
5th June 2012 I'm still here, but in need of a bit of shut-eye, so I'll leave you with one image of the Diamond Jubilee Central Weekend out of 1926 pictures (coincidentally the same number as the year of Her Majesty's birth) taken since 1st June - the Diamond Jubilee Balcony Appearance.
2nd June 2012 It's Coronation Day and the official start of the Diamond Jubilee main weekend. Later today, Her Majesty The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby, exactly 59 years to the day since being crowned at Westminster Abbey. To celebrate, the BeebMaster Diamond Jubilee Garden Party is taking place this afternoon, and tomorrow morning, I'm off to London to watch the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, Beacon Lighting on Monday night and Carriage Procession and Balcony Appearance on Tuesday. Many pictures - camera willing - of everything once I get back, but for now, a look at the garden decked out for the BeebMaster Garden Party.
1st May 2012 For the BeebMaster Birthday Update, you can see pictures of my new Diamond Jubilee flags flying here.
2nd April 2012 Just over a week ago, I was in Manchester City Centre for the Diamond Jubilee Visit to Manchester. From my vantage point first at Victoria Station, then at the Town Hall, I had the most wonderful time helping to celebrate sixty years of Our Gracious Queen's Glorious Reign. I took 347 photographs; the best 108 are here.
6th February 2012 Today's the day that Our Gracious Sovereign Lady The Queen achieves 60 years on the throne. The brand-new two-yard Union Flag is flying in the BeebMaster Back Garden, and I've decided for today's update to bring, a little belatedly, some pictures of a very special Royal Visit to Cornwall.
4th January 2012 The Diamond Jubilee year is at last upon us - I've been waiting for it since the Golden Jubilee, and I'll be playing my part in celebrating Her Most Noble Majesty The Queen's sixty years on the throne. Please take a look a my Diamond Jubilee page here.
1st May 2011 I predicted a piccie or two of the Royal Wedding, and came back with 93 - I couldn't have asked for better company or a more splendid vantage point than I was able to get on the day! As a special treat I've relaxed all the usual rules on picture memory size and width - so to see all my images of this joyous day, including some at 2,048 pixels, upgrade your modem and hurry along here.
21st April 2011 It's exactly five years since my Monarchy Pages began, but much more importantly than that, today is the Eighty-Fifth Birthday of Her Noble Majesty The Queen. The two-yard flag is flying today in celebration in the back garden of BeebMaster Towers. I'm off to London in a few days for the Royal Wedding, and hopefully I'll be back in early May with a piccie or two. In the meantime, please take a look at my special Sovereign's Birthday page here.
4th January 2011 I need hardly say that 2011 is going to be a very, very, Royal year. It all kicks off in April with the Eighty-Fifth Birthday of Her Gracious Majesty The Queen, then the Royal Wedding a week later of His Royal Highness The Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, then the Ninetieth Birthday of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in June, and after that the countdown to the Diamond Jubilee begins!

I've already booked two feet of barrier along the Mall for the Royal Wedding, but before we get to that, there's quite a bit of unfinished Royal business from 2010 for you to look at, starting with the Garter Day Procession at Windsor Castle.
1st August 2010 June 2010 turned out to be the most Royal month since June 2002, and you can see what started it all off here.
1st May 2010 The first Royal Attendance of 2010 was in March in Rochdale, where I got a good close-up view of His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester. You can see all the pictures of this event here.
16th November 2009 It was a great privilege to be outside Westminster Abbey on 11th November for the Armistice Day service, and I hope you will click here to see more.
23rd February 2009 I've finally finished my set on Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade from last June. There are 42 pictures in all, so I hope you will take a look by clicking here.
1st January 2009 For the new year update, you can see my pictures from last June's Queen's Birthday Parade which you can see here.
1st May 2008 A second picture set of the Royal Visit to Manchester for today's BeebMaster Birthday Update, this time concerning that most splendid of Royal modes of transport, the Royal Train.
21st April 2008 To celebrate the birthday of Our Glorious Sovereign Lady The Queen, I thought you might like to see the pictures I took of the Royal Visit to Manchester in February this year, so please click here to take a look.
4th December 2007 As you might expect, I was on the front row outside Westminster Abbey for the Royal Diamond Wedding Anniversary and you can see it all in glorious colour here.
20th November 2007 Today is the Royal Diamond Wedding Anniversary so I hope you will visit my very special tribute page here.
1st May 2007 Another BeebMaster birthday and what better way to celebrate than a new picture set of my most recent Royal attendance - at the 2007 Maundy Thursday ceremony.
30th June 2006 Fresh back from London, you can see my report on Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade 2006.
1st May 2006 For BeebMaster's birthday, more on the Royal Birthday! The BeebMaster house was bedecked in red, white & blue for the celebrations which you can see here.
21st April 2006 A glorious day of national celebration and the perfect time to begin BeebMaster's Monarchy pages. Anybody acquainted with me knows that I am a devoted Royalist so some may think these Monarchy Pages are a little overdue. But now they're here, I hope you will all enjoy them.