What's New 2021

Please see below for 2021 updates to BeebMaster

1st October 2021 Following listener and viewer reaction (there wasn't any at all, which means carry on as you were) we start October with more Econet:
FileStore E20 connected to a 1MHz Bus. Using the FileStore E20 with a Level 3 file server.
FileStore E20 with UltraForm. E20 with WFS Init.
Econet Station 114 in 2017. A dip into ViewSheet with the Welcome disc "Account" spreadsheet.
A switch to 32 bits now for a look at a crystal transplant in my RISC PC 700. A workout for the RISC PC's new crystal.
1st September 2021 As promised, September brings an Econet extravaganza:
An extension to my Econet from January 2017. Using Econet Station 114 in 2017.
FileStore E01 Maintenance Mode. A new battery for my FileStore E01.
FileStore E01 and E20 new pictures from 2017. A close-up look at the E20 inside and out.
FileStore E01 from 2017. Using the E01 with its new battery.
E01 Printer Server. Using the E20 with E01.
1st August 2021 Six months till the Platinum Jubilee, but whilst waiting please take a look here:
Some further repairs to my spruced-up Master 128. It finally comes into service as Econet Station 87!
A Winchester host adapter in a box. Super VHS-stored Teletext pages.
Cleaning up my RISC PC 600. And now at last the new clock chip for the RPC 600.
Fans of Econet, which should be everyone in the world, will be pleased to know that September's update is a return to that very theme, with maybe an Econet Clock or two for sale by that point, so please come back very soon for more!
1st July 2021 The second half of 2021 is upon us and here's what we have today:
I went and picked the grottiest Master 128 I could find to spruce it up for a special purpose. Checking it works.
A nice keyboard for an A305. Or A310. Or any of the other A series really. A DigiStick.
Some maintenance to my RISC PC 700 next:
Whilst on holiday in West Yorkshire in April 2016, my RISC PC 700 underwent a repair which is detailed here. Trying to set the time on my RISC PC 700 after its replacement CMOS chip repair.
New year, new hard drive for my RISC PC in January 2017. Bringing the new hard disc into service in my RPC 700.
Teletext hasn't seen the light of day in 2021 yet, so let's address that:
An Acorn Teletext Adapter which came my way around 2014 or 2015. My original Teletext adapter from back in 2003, in a new picture set from 2017.
Here's a sequence of Teletext pages shown on Channel 4 which were on an old videotape I found in 2017. Some pages of Teletext I captured when in Croatia in 2017.
Before you go, please pop over to the BeebShop to check what's happening with the new batch of BeebMaster Econet Clocks!
10th June 2021
On the 100th anniversary of the birth of His late Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, I hope you will take a look at my special memorial tribute page here.

1st June 2021 A delectable selection for June:
At last a BBC Micro to have a look at! This is my South-West Torch Beeb. A first go at using the SW Torch Beeb.
Making a backup of my RISC PC 700 hard drive. Using Sunfish with the RPC 700.
Setting up Sunfish on my A7000. Backup of my A7000 hard drives using Sunfish.
Replacing the corroded battery in my A7000. Using the new battery.
Still using RISC OS, but a switch to the hard drive theme with the latest addition to my collection, this Syquest 270MB cartridge drive. And a look at using the cartridges that came with the drive.
I hope whilst you are here, you will take a look at the latest offerings from the BeebShop, where you will find the BBC B Econet upgrade kit back in stock. And keep checking back for some exciting news about the BeebMaster Econet clock! See you in a few weeks' time!
1st May 2021 And now my own birthday update - celebrating 18 years online today! It feels like a life sentence, but let's see if I can clock up 18 new picture sets for this auspicious anniversary:
You won't be surprised if I start with one of my long-standing favourite themes of the past 145th decades - Econet! Here's the E01S trying to format a floppy. E01S Real-Time Clock.
Trying out the floppy disc we just formatted in the FileStore under ADFS. More on repairing my E01S.
Now trying the hard disc made with SCSI2SD under ADFS. ...and with the Level 3 file server.
Using my repaired E01S. Exploring the concept of the User Root Library in Acorn ANFS.
Net Time, a utility for setting and synchronising the Econet file server time. Net Time with the Level 3 file server.
An enhanced version of Net Time. Net Time with the FileStore E01.
SCSI2SD with my earlier E01S. A short comparison between E01 and E01S maintenance mode.
More repairs to my FileStore E01S. A look at making a batch of Econet terminator plugs.
For the Econet-weary, if such persons do indeed exist, you may be pleased to know that the sixteen sets above which I do hope you did enjoy, are the last on my favourite theme of Econet for some while, as it was another six months between the previous set and the next one about Econet. To change the subject to complete my 18-set mission for my 18th birthday, we go 32-bit:
Disaster strikes my Acorn A410 with Oak SCSI podule. A last go with the Oak SCSI podule in some other handy 32-bit Acorns.
That's it till the beginning of June. Please have a good rummage round all 75,000 pages on my website and come back at the start of next month for even more!
21st April 2021 A little bit of cheer today as we say a very happy 95th birthday to our Glorious Queen!

To celebrate this very special occasion, take a look here at my latest Royal update.
9th April 2021
A day of mourning, sadness and quiet reflection as we remember the long and dutiful life of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who we lost today aged 991012. I put one of my favourite photographs of His Royal Highness, from the Royal Maundy Service in 2007, on my tribute homepage, which you can always see here.

2nd April 2021 Second quarter of 2021 already, and here's how it looks from BM Towers:
Beginning with my second MDFS, no. 2300, in close-up and repair. A first look at my second RISC PC, from May 2016.
My SCSI2SD E01S with ADFS. More progress with the custom mode pages used in the Rodime FileStore hard discs.
A flashing mode light being investigated. FileStore Free Space Bitmaps.
A detailed look at free space bitmap calculations, in an exercise in program development which, in BeebMaster terms, means keep banging away at it till it works. My Raspberry Pi 3, from May 2016.
A look at my FileStore E01 and E20 in maintenance mode. And now with the dealer test disc.
1st March 2021 Beginning March 2021 with more Econet:
FileStore Temporary Lights. Now working, but with a bit of a potty real-time clock.
More on the dodgy floppy drive in my FileStore E01S. Testing the potty clock.
A nice repair to the sensor block on the front panel of the E01S. Using SCSI2SD as a replacement hard drive for FileStore.
Fixing the mode pages for use with SCSI2SD and FileStore. Initialising an SD card in SCSI2SD as a FileStore "Rodime" from scratch.
A little look at unpadding SCSI2SD card dump images. Filling up the new SCSI2SD Rodime with some Econet utils.
1st February 2021 A combination of favourite themes to start February's update with sets using the hard drive replacement system SCSI2SD with Econet:
Here's the Level 3 file server being set up on my new SCSI2SD disc. Using the FileStore Dealer Test Disc to see if the SCSI2SD board will work as a FileStore hard disc replacement.
A test with the E40S hard drive under ADFS. The E40S with the FileStore dealer test disc.
My third 65C102 Turbo co-processor. Extras which came with the Bob Beeb.
Now some 32-bit add-ons:
An add-on board for the Archimedes, a Beebug floppy disc buffer. Computer Concepts ROM RAM Podule.
A Vidi Arc podule. Another video podule, this time a Video 256.
The beginning of a long MDFS repair process:
My faithful workhorse MDFS, suddenly out of action after 11 years' service. A repair attempt.
February's update ends with drastic action being taken to try to revive my Good MDFS: a RAM raid!
1st January 2021 Well, let's hope that 2021 is superlatively better than the diabolical horror of the previous twelvemonth. I'm starting with one of my favourite themes, with 8 new sets on Econet:
A little bit more on fixing my Green MDFS. A bit of repair work on my wonky FileStore E01S.
More on the FileStore E01S. Suddenly, the E01S is alive!
But it still has a dodgy floppy! Trying out the FileStore Dealer Test Disc with the FileStores.
Reviving my E40S. And a go at using it.
Next up for 2021 is a major new section about SCSI2SD, the little circuit board which replaces any and every SCSI hard drive with SD-card based storage with the first 8 sets:
The SCSI2SD boards shortly after arrival. Setting up the first board with the utility software.
Formatting SCSI2SD. Initialising SCSI2SD.
SCSI2SD Command set testing. A look at what happens with no SD card in the board.
Imaging the SCSI2SD SD card. XML Configuration settings.
A new year is always a time for you to have a look around the rest of BeebMaster, and you might like to take a peek at these new updates to my Monarchy Pages:
Her Majesty The Queen's visit to Hull in November 2017. The occasion allowed me to get the best pictures yet of the Royal Train.

For previous updates, please see here.