BeebMaster - the Domesday Project

The Domesday System

This picture shows my own Domesday Machine, in its 25th anniversary incarnation, 25th November 2011.

The Domesday System was made up of the following component parts:

BBC Master AIV, a specially upgraded version of the BBC Master 128, fitted with internal 65C102 co-processor, Acorn SCSI Interface and Videodisc Filing System ROM
Philips VP415 laserdisc player, an enhancement of the existing VP410 LaserVision Disc Drive, with an added layer at the bottom called the "Domesday Sandwich", containing video-mixing and Genlock circuitry and SCSI Interface
Acorn Trackerball
High Resolution Colour Monitor
Laserdisc Player Remote Control
The Domesday Laser Discs
SCART cable to connect the Laserdisc player to the monitor
RGB lead to connect the BBC to the Laserdisc player
50-way ribbon cable to connect the BBC SCSI Interface to the Laserdisc player
The manuals

My own Domesday Machine is made up of original component parts, gradually adding more bits as I have got hold of them. It has gone through a number of incarnations over the last decade and you can see much more about my Domesday Machine and its component parts in my section on BeebMaster's Domesday Machine.