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SJ Research MDFS

My MDFS Tower

My Main MDFS

Expansion Box with
Two Hard Drives

MDFS Tape Drive

Expansion Box with
Syquest Cartridge Drive

Domesday Rescue
Expansion Box

I put together my MDFS Tower in October 2004. It is made up of MDFS boxes which I bought on three separate occasions.

The first MDFS I bought was a fileserver box and hard disc expansion box which arrived in 2003. Unfortunately, it didn't take me long to break it because I did not have a key and I just couldn't wait to get it going and I managed to blow up the power supply. Hopefully I will be able to repair it one day. I think it just needs a new power supply but the keyswitch is also broken.

The drive box still works and it is the middle box in my Tower.

Earlier in 2004, I bought a second MDFS which consisted of the file server box, an expansion box with two hard drives and an expansion box with the tape drive. These are the first, second and fourth boxes in my MDFS Tower.

In September 2004, I bought an empty MDFS expansion box to which I added a Syquest drive. This is the bottom box in my MDFS Tower.

Five boxes of MDFS containing 1159MB of storage, or 1.13GB, in 20 hard disc partitions!

In October 2006, I made up a special expansion box containing a hard disc to use with my Domesday Rescue attempt. Currently this is situated on top of the MDFS so I can easily disconnect the usual expansion boxes and plug in the Domesday Box.

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