BeebMaster - I Want an Econet!

Build your own Econet

Full details on creating your very own Econet, from setting up the network to installing File Servers

Econet Hardware Help

General information and help on Econet hardware

My Econet

My Econet is a permanent installation of 3 Masters, 1 BBC B, a FileStore file server & hard disc, an SJ Research MDFS, and spare outlets to rig up ad-hoc additional 8-bit and 32-bit stations as required.

My SJ Research MDFS

My MDFS Tower is now connected to my main network after years of living on its own. I've gathered quite a bit of MDFS kit over the years - take a look at all my MDFS main units and expansion boxes here!

My Econet Collection

File Servers, Clocks, socket boxes, terminators, interfaces and modules - it's all in my Econet collection!

Level 3 File Server

The Level 3 File Server is the most commonly used Econet file server for 8-bit Acorns, so its own section can be accessed here.

Econet Programming

A section on programmimng with Econet, using filing system and file server calls and other techniques.

Level 4 File Server

A look at the Level 4 File Server, which runs on RISC OS.

If you are desperate to get your own Econet network going then you're not alone! I get plenty of enquiries from people who want to re-create those blissful Schooldays in the computer rooms of the 1980s where hours of fun were to be had REMOTING and NOTIFYing anybody nearby and trying to break into the Passwords file to get privileged access to the fileserver.

Now anyone can have their very own Econet network at home. This section is all about Econet, with the first two links above showing how to build your own network with detailed information and help on Econet hardware. Then there are links to all my own Econet kit, from my permanent Econet installation to my MDFS and the other bits and pieces I have floating about.