BeebMaster - My Econet Things

My Econet Things

What I love about Econet is that it can support practically every Acorn machine, 8-bit or 32-bit, from the Acorn System right through to the RISC PC. In addition to the hardware which makes up my own permanent Econet, I have many other Econet items. I hope you will click on the picture links below to learn more:

Acorn Econet Level 3 Fileserver Real Time Clock

Hand-Made Prototype Econet Interfaces

Econet Test Box

SJ Research Econet Bridge

Acorn Level 1 Econet Terminator

32-bit Econet Module

Acorn Level 1
Econet Clock

Alsystems Econet Flat Box

Acorn FileStore E01S

SJ Research BEN

SJ Research Nexus Box

E01S & E40S

SJ Research Econet Starter Pack

Acorn A4 with Econet Module

A4 Econet Module

Phil Blundell Socket Boxes

RISC PC Econet Module

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