BeebMaster - Econet Station 200

Station 200
BBC Master 128

Station 200 was added to my Econet in March 2003 although I have had the machine for a while. This required laying some new Econet cable to reach the machine which is a short distance away from the others.

It has the standard 1 Mega-bit ROM containing MOS 3.20, Terminal 1.20, View B3.0, Advanced DFS 1.50, BASIC IV, Edit 4, Viewsheet B1.0, DFS 2.24 and Sideways RAM 1.04.

In ROM socket 8 is Wordwise Plus and there are are two cartridges in the slots. The first one is an Acorn ROM cartridge containing Advanced Disc Toolkit 2.00 and ANFS 4.25. The other is an unusual cartridge with four sockets and two switches. One switches between two sets of ROM banks, the other is marked ROM/RAM but I have never got this to do anything. I don't think it has any built-in RAM. Three of the slots are empty and one contains Hi-BASIC.

Station 200 is fitted with an issue two Econet module and an Acorn 65C102 internal co-processor.

It is connected to:

- a Technomatic double 5" disc drive powered through the Master's internal power outlet

- a Microvitec Cub Monitor. This is standard metal cube version

- sometimes to my Acorn 6502 Second Processor. If only the internal and external processors could run at the same time!

Station 200 is housed in an "Electro-Guard" metal stand with the monitor on top.

I use this machine for testing compatibility of programmes across the Tube, getting excited about using BASIC with PAGE at 2048 and HIMEM at 47104 and sometimes as a Level 2 Fileserver.

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