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Econet Interfaces

Acorn System Econet Interface issue 1

Acorn System Econet Interface issue 2

Acorn Atom Econet Interface Issue 1

Acorn Atom Econet Interface Issue 2

BBC Model B Econet Interface (covering issues 2, 3, 4 and 7)

BBC Model B+ Econet Interface
Acorn Electron Econet Interface Acorn Econet Bridge Econet Interface Master Econet Interface Prototype Early BBC Master Econet Interface
Later BBC Master Econet Interface Issue 1 Later BBC Master Econet Interface Issue 2 Acorn Reuters Board Econet Interface BMS Econet Module Unbranded Econet Module
PC Econet Interface SJ Research File Server Econet Interface SJ Research Econet Bridge Econet Interface SJ Research BEN Econet Interface 32-bit Econet Interface
Acorn A4 Econet Interface HCCS Econet Interface InterClock Econet Interface RISC-PC Econet Interface BeebMaster Econet Module

IanS Econet Module

To be able to use an Econet network, BBC computers must be fitted with an Econet interface. The main component is the Motorola 68B54 Advanced Data Link Controller which governs all the transmission of data on the network as well as detecting the clock signal.

For the BBC Models A, B and B+, the Econet interface is a hardware upgrade to the main circuit board. In the Master Series and many of the later Acorn 32-bit computers, it comes as a ready-made plug-in module.

I believe the above list to be a comprehensive guide to all the Econet interfaces ever issued, at least up to my own BeebMaster Econet module. I know that since then, there have been a few different hobbyist Econet interfaces, but they are not all on general sale. This page, then, is still a work in progress, and if you know anything I've missed, tell me!

From April 2018, I have started to add pictures to the text links above. This signifies an update to that page since that time. In some cases I have gone back to original source images to produce a better picture, now that my unofficial 100K-file-size-limit has long been abolished, or new pictures, or more information, or even a new discovery altogether. Eventually every link will have a picture, but I haven't finished yet!

Do please click on the links above to learn more about all the types of Econet interface for Acorn computers.