BeebMaster - Morley Teletext Adapter

Morley Teletext Adapter

This is my Morley Teletext Adapter, which is one of my most important pieces of kit. During the autumn of 2009, I used this little box to download and save over 100,000 pages of Teletext, just before the analogue signal was shut off in the Granada region.

I took these pictures in two halves, 3 years apart. The first 6 photographs were taken in June 2009 and principally show the minor repair I had to do to get the thing functioning. When I came to make up this set in September 2012, I realised that I hadn't taken any shots of the insides of it.

One of the reasons is that the case clicks together and would probably break if I tried to get it apart. However, I did manage to persuade the board to put in an appearance without opening the case so that I could take the remaining 6 pictures in September 2012.

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